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Project logo for BeeSign

BeeSign is a computer simulation designed to help young students observe the behavior of honeybees as they collect nectar and experiment with the result of changing either the behavior of the bees or the environment in which the hive is located. As a research project, BeeSign was designed to help early elementary students (grades k-2) explore complex systems concepts in intuitive ways.

Below is the original BeeSign interface:

BeeSign Interface

In this video, the designer of BeeSign (Dr. Joshua Danish) shows a very basic comparison between two hives to highlight the benefit of the waggle dance for nectar collection:

In this video, the designer of BeeSign (Dr. Joshua Danish) describes how BeeSign was used in a classroom:

Funding for the the iterations of the BeeSign Project

Grant Name Funding Agency Grant Number Co-PIs
Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Spencer Foundation NA Joshua Danish
UCLA Dissertation Fellowship UCLA NA Joshua Danish

Publications on the BeeSign Project