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Projects: Net.Create

Net.Create is a collaborative network visualization tool developed to help users explore a large corpus of data together, concurrently. This was originally implemented in undergraduate history classrooms.

While the original Net.Create tool was developed to support undergraduate history classrooms, this kind of collaborative network visualiation is proving well-suited to helping students explore data in a wide range of contexts. Recently, we have used this network visualization in graduate level theory courses, and in helping middle school students explore their interests and identities.

You can see a sample network depicting the readings in our graduate level Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) course here. To see the kind of network we envision sharing with youth to explore their interests, see a simple network we developed based on some of our own interests here. If you’d like to learn more about either of these efforts, please email jdanish [a] indiana.edu.

Funding for the the iterations of the Net.Create Project

Grant Name Funding Agency Grant Number Co-PIs
EAGER: Net.Create: Using Network Analysis to Support Digital Humanities in Large History Classrooms NSF 1848655 Joshua Danish, Kalani Craig

Publications on the Net.Create Project